The Home of our Intercity 125

Visit Railworld and Nene Valley Railway to see the ICONIC train of British Rail first hand. Come for a snack in our Intercity 125 Buffet Restaurant or ride on board on selected operating days.

Our operating vehicles at Nene Valley Railway – Railworld:

43045 HST powercar “The Grammar School Doncaster AD1350”
40904 GWR TRFB buffet (originally 40001)
42355 LNER TS (originally Prototype 42000)
42357 LNER TS (originally Prototype 41002)
43060 HST powercar “County of Leicestershire”

Operating days:

8th July Fish and Chip train

Board at Wansford, Overton or Peterborough for fish & chips.
Our well stocked buffet will be open for drinks and deserts

You’ll get a chance to travel in our Intercity 125 for up to 2 round trips, your food will be served to you just after the train gets to Peterborough Nene Valley Station on the first round trip.

Boarding is possible at Overton Station 19:10 and Peterborough Nene Valley at 19:25 please note that if you board at Peterborough you will only on board for 1 round trip. From Overton 1 1/2 round trips.

Then it’s time to sit back and tuck in, whilst you enjoy 2 x round trips.

Please select your menu choice at time of booking. 

A vegetarian and gluten free option are available.

Buffet-Bar Opens in 4090418:30
Wansford (d) boarding only19:00
Overton (d) boarding only19:10
Peterborough (a) boarding only19:25
Food served during a return trip to Yarwell
Peterborough (a) set down only21:00
Overton (a) set down only21:15
Wansford (a) set down only21:30

Set down times are approximate.

Price includes train ride, food – £33 per person

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9th July Launch day

We are operating on the Nene Valley Orange timetable, 4 round trips of the line.
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Orange Timetable 9 July 2023  HSTHSTHSTHST
Wansford 10:0011:3013:0014:30
Yarwell arr 10:0511:3513:0514:35
Yarwell dep 10:1011:4013:1014:40
Wansford 10:1511:4513:1514:45
Overton (for Ferry Meadows) 10:2811:5813:2814:58
Orton Mere 10:3312:0313:3315:03
Peterborough arr 10:3812:0813:3815:08
Peterborough dep 10:5012:2013:5015:20
Orton Mere 10:5512:2513:5515:25
Overton (for Ferry Meadows) 11:0012:3014:0015:30
Wansford arr 11:1312:4314:1315:43
77382 from 442401 at Eastleigh Works

Works and Days

August 1 — December 1

42002 (42356) at Eastleigh Works

Our plans

October 1 — December 1

41002 (42357)and 42000 (42355) based at Overton station when not running

125 History

August 1 — December 1

Our Vehicles

October 1 — December 1

“This is the age of the train”

The HSTs were originally developed by British Rail (BR) in the early-1970s to be used as a short-term stopgap, whilst it developed the tilting Advanced Passenger Train (APT). In the event, the APT project was a failure, and the HSTs became a big success. The HSTs, or InterCity 125s are now widely considered as among the most successful trains to have operated on the British railway network, both in terms of their initial impact, and their longevity:

Their introduction into service between 1976 and 1982, resulted in significantly reduced journey times, and large increases in patronage on the routes on which they were operated. The trains have proved to be a reliable workhorse, remaining in front-line service for decades. The first withdrawals began in 2017; 41 years after they were first introduced, to be replaced with more modern trains.

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